From 0-3 years of age, the emotional bend of the child starts to grow quickly. Knowing a child’s potential at an early age helps parents in making smart and easy decisions on parenting styles and educational methods.As an infant moves into toddlerhood, he learns new ways of life which help him to expand his horizons. With our DMIT-R one understands his or her hidden potential and talents.


  • Know your and your child innate characteristics
  • Know your Childs learning style or ability
  • Discover your child’s inborn talent and potential
  • Self-evaluation test for Adults
  • Know the compatibility with your spouse and business partner
  • Facilitate efficient communication and effectiveness at work
  • Have detailed comparison between left and right brain hemispheres
  • Know distribution of multiple intelligences
  • Innate personalities and characteristics
  • Preferred learning style
  • Select your subject stream
  • Activities Selection
  • Career Selection